Plons is a children’s chair. Plons is unique. With every twist you change what Plons is. With one twist, Plons gets a flat seat and a supportive back for comfort seating at a table. Twist again to turn Plons into the very first children’s lounge chair. The back is longer and the seat leans backwards to make Plons the ultimate relax chair for gaming or watching tv. Turned over once more, Plons becomes a big toy fit to build tall towers with. There’s even a turn which transforms Plons into a bright fellow with strechted arms.

The multiple uses of Plons challenge a child to develop a strong spacial awareness.

Plons is available in bright green, blue, pink and orange. Plons can be used inside as well as out of the house. Thanks to having wide supportive legs, Plons won’t even sink in the fine sand at the beach. Plons weighs four kilograms and is made out of one solid piece of recyclable, harmless polythyleen which can easily withstand the brightest sunlight.

Plons is safe. It has been awarded the CE seal and complies with European standards for fire safety and does not contain any hazardous substances.

Afmetingen van Plons